Second Hand Uniforms

Running of the second hand uniform sales:
  • The school will buy second hand clothing and pay the families – they do not have to wait for the clothes to be sold.

    GA will give the families:
    • There will be one set price for 2nd hand uniforms, please click here to view.
    • If the clothes are not up to standard i.e. Good to Very Good condition the school will not accept them and the family may choose to sell the item privately
    • When the shop has excess levels of 2nd hand uniforms the school will not be able to accept any more until current items have been sold. 
    • Note: due to health restrictions hats, socks, shoes, swimmers will not be accepted for sale.
    • A prearranged selling price will be used to sell items
    GA will pay for the goods to the families via three options:
    • Give them a credit to use in the uniform shop
    • Credit their school fees
    • If the families have left the school, we will deposit the money directly in their bank account within a reasonable time period, we will NOT issue cash or cheques.​​