Fee Structure

Fees 2018

 School Fees for 2018

Fees represent the total fees that you will be charged for your child's education for

2018. Families with more than one child will notice that the school offers considerable

discounts for second and subsequent children attending our school.


School Fees 2018

Prep to Year 6

Total Fees$3,426.00$5,472.00$7,284.00$8,865.00


* MUSIC INSTRUMENT HIRE PER YEAR ( Years 4 to 6 Students ) $330.00 with a $250 excess on all insurance claims.

* COMPUTER INSURANCE PER YEAR ( Years 4 to 6 Students ) $160.00 with a $250 excess on all claims.

To set up an account select one of the below forms and return to the front office.



Guardian Angels Parish Primary School has the same school fee for each

child from Prep to Year 6. The school is keen to make the fees as transparent as possible for

parents, with a fee that is all inclusive. As well, we are keen to reduce the amount of

administration time teachers need to spend administering the collection of money for regular

outings and school events. Fees being charged in 2018 are all inclusive. There will be no

other requests for money apart from the school beachathon, charitable fundraising projects and for school uniforms. The fees will be collected over the first 3 terms. There will be incentives for early payment, and there is also the option of paying the full years fees over 40 weeks through direct debit. This is a free  service, and is designed to have the years fees paid

with regular fortnightly deductions from your bank account or credit card, with the total

annual fee being completed by November. Fees may also be paid using BPay.

Enrolment at Guardian Angels requires not only a faith commitment but also a financial

one. School fees are set by the Principal in consultation with the School Finance Committee, and are ratified by the Parish Finance Committee. 

Points to note about payment of school fees. A school fee account will be emailed to each

family in the first week in Terms 1, 2 and 3. Families not wishing to pay by term may make

arrangements for fees to be paid by direct debit. If the entire fee for the year is paid

within the first four weeks of school (ie.paid by Friday 23 February 2018), there will be a 5%

discount off the school fee. We, at Guardian Angels Parish Primary School are

committed to providing a Catholic education to all Catholic children whose parent/s or

guardian/s desire it. We are also aware that some parents or guardians find themselves in

financial difficulties from time to time. In spite of this, we will always endeavour to ensure

that no Parish student will be denied a place at our schools because parents are genuinely

unable to pay fees. We have in place a system of fee support which is available on

application. The level of support is determined on the basis of a just and equitable

formula. Any fee support is looked at in terms of financial needs of the family concerned,

their responsibility to full-fee paying parent/s or guardian and the efforts they make to meet

their commitments.


Family Discounts

Where a family has more than one child at Guardian Angels, the second and subsequent children will all attract a discounted school fee. Full Year School Fees Payment Discount

If the entire school fees for the year are paid within the first four weeks of the

school year (ie. paid by Friday 23 February 2018), there will be a 5% discount off the school

fee. This discount does NOT apply to the Computer Insurance and Musical Instrument Hire.


Late Enrolments

The School Fee has two essential components: the school fee explained earlier)

For a child enrolling from or after the commencement of a school year, the family is expected

to pay a pro-rata school fee (the number of weeks left to attend divided by 40).

As well, for the year of enrolment, if a child is entering Years 4 to 6, they will be expected to pay for that years excursion. The reason for this is that the other children in those particular

years have been paying towards these trips since preschool.


New families with students starting in 2018

- Year 4 Camp Excess of $700

- Year 5 Camp Excess of $1,000

- Year 6 Camp Excess of $1,300

Pupils Leaving Before the End of Year

Families departing the school at any time, apart from the end of a school year, need to inform

the school a term in advance of their departure (exceptional circumstances excepted).

At enrolment, families and the school enter into a mutual agreement in good faith. The school

makes a commitment to the enrolled child to provide all of the materials required for that

child for the whole year. As well, camps, excursions and incursions are booked and paid for

based on the numbers in the year level. No refund is given if your child does not attend any camp or excursion. The family makes a commitment in good faith to enrol their child for the year and to pay all school fees. Should a child be withdrawn before the end of a year, the school is financially disadvantaged as the cost for all materials, camps, excursions etc. are paid for based on a particular enrolment figure. The school will charge a family leaving before the end of the school year a pro rata amount for fees. (the number of weeks attending in the school year). Any child leaving before the end of the year MUST pay full Computer Insurance and Musical Instrument Hire.


Holding a Position

Where an enrolment has been accepted, and a family, for whatever reason needs to delay

arrival, the school will (for a reasonable period of time) hold a position for a child upon the payment of fees from the date of acceptance.


Instrument Hire

Children learning a musical instrument through the school program receive tuition for free.

For children in Year 3, instrument hire is also free. For all other children learning a musical instrument through the school program there is a $330 instrument hire/insurance fee for the year. This fee fully insures the Instrument against loss or accidental damage. There is an excess of $250 for any claim.


Computer Insurance

Guardian Angels provide 1 to 1 laptop computers to students in Years 4 to 6

with the option of students taking those computers home overnight, on weekends and over

the holidays at a cost of $160 per year to cover insurance. This fee fully insures the computer

against loss or accidental damage. There is an excess of $250 for any claim.


Non Payment of Fees

Fees at Guardian Angels cover all educationally related costs for parents from Prep through to Year 6. The system of fee setting means that once a family pays its fees, all the many things contained within the fees are available to their children. These things include, but

are not limited to school camps, school day trips, photos, stationery, computers. When

parents fall behind with their fees and when they do not make arrangements for

fee reductions with the school, it presents a number of concerns for the school itself.

One of the main concerns revolves around the issue of fairness. Presently, families who fall behind with their fees  still benefit from access to all these extras that are included on the provision that one has in fact paid their fees.