Resource Centre

The Resource Centre is open each day from 8am. Students are welcome to come into the library each break to borrow, finish work, play chess, read and many other activities.

Chess coaching is held each Wednesday afternoon and provides expert tuition from Gardiner Chess Coaches.

Each week Students come to the library with their class and are also encouraged to borrow before or after school and during break times. The Resource Centre has a large collection of resources that are fun, engaging and inspire students to read, enhances their knowledge and encourages them to think. 

Guardian Angels also has a comprehensive literacy program supported by a relevant collection of levelled books encompassing fantasy, fiction, and non-fiction that challenge readers and greatly improve their literacy skills. 

Book Week is celebrated in August and fosters the love of reading by promoting the shortlist as selected by the Children’s book Council each year. We also hold a large book fair early October and students are able to buy from a huge selection of heavily discounted books and other fun stuff.  

The Resource Centre is at the centre of the school and reflects how important reading is to the education of Guardian Angels students.