Angels Challenges

The Guardian Angels alternative to homework 


Our school has a ‘no homework’ policy. Instead, at Guardian Angels we encourage all our pupils to take on a number of challenges that we will acknowledge and recognise at school. These are called Angels Challenges in Years 3 to 6 and Junior Angels Challenges in Prep to Year 2.

Growing evidence shows that children benefit more from being involved in family-related and social activities after school. The Angels Challenges program picks up on this theme and offers children a means to record and report on the huge variety of activities they are involved in during and outside school time.



This year students will receive a Junior Angels Challenges badge at the beginning of Term 4 if they:

  • Keep a record book as a history of their challenges that is given to the students at the beginning of the school year.
  • Complete 15 challenges throughout the year.
  • Complete 5 challenges per term – one in each category .
  • Submit those 5 challenges to the teacher at the end of  Terms 1, 2 & 3.

Click on the angels below to discover a record sheet and hints and suggestions for Prep to Yr 2 



Year 3 & 4 students will receive an Angels Challenge badge  at the beginning of Term 4 if they:

  • Keep their own records digitally on a computer or in a scrapbook in Year 3.
  • Use the template they receive in class fill it in accordingly.
  • Complete 15 challenges throughout Term 1, 2 & 3.

Click on the angels below to discover checklists or hints and suggestions for each year level.


For our senior students, Angels Challenges in Year 5 and 6 changes to reflect the move towards high school.  There is an emphasis on academic skills and application, study habits and personal growth.  Our senior students no longer complete 15 tasks per year - instead, they complete activities to fulfil  the set requirements throughout the year.  If completed to the satisfaction of the teacher, the children will receive their Year 5 and 6 badges early in Term 4.


 Mackillop Students

Mackillop students can participate in the  Angels Challenges program in their various year levels.  The program is tailored for each learner’s needs based on what they find challenging under each category.  We have made some adjustments so that students can present their work in folders rather than digitally.  Please read through the following PowerPoint to clarify how Mackillop children can participate and benefit from completing their Angels Challenges each year at Guardian Angels.

Angels Challenges - MacKillop


Parents are reminded that the challenges are for the children – not the parents.

They are designed so students can work towards achieving a goal.  Your judgment of your child’s ability will determine the degree of difficulty and a reasonable but challenging amount of learning needs to occur.  So tasks should challenge the child’s ability, yet be achievable.

These challenges are designed for children to have a lot of positive experiences that help others while building on their knowledge, general knowledge, skills and creativity.

If you are stuck, please see your child’s teacher for some suggestions.

Parents – enjoy guiding your children to challenge themselves.