​Guardian Angels is a Parish School and as such its purpose is to serve the parishioners. Consequently first preference is given to the baptised Catholics who live within the parish and whose parents have a commitment to the faith. ​

The process of enrolment is necessarily a complex one, as it involves a serious commitment to primary education on the part of the pupil, a willingness to assist and support the endeavours of the school on the part of the parents and a contract to provide an effective Catholic educational environment, and appropriate motivation and learning experiences on the part of the school. The following processes will normally occur:

Parents can download the Enrolment Form (see link above) or ring the school office and we can post an Enrolment Form to you.  On receipt of the completed Enrolment Form, together with an enrolment fee of $70, the school will contact parents to arrange an interview.  Interviews are conducted along the same lines as the Criteria of Acceptance.

Criteria order of interviews:

  1. Siblings
  2. Catholics in the Parish
  3. Catholics Outside the Parish
  4. Non Catholic

Depending on the number of interviews and acceptances from the first three criteria, we cannot guarantee an interview for criteria 4.  In all cases, we strongly recommend that an Enrolment Application be lodged at a school other than Guardian Angels.

At the interview the school has the opportunity to discuss the needs of the pupil, and the parents and school determine whether or not they wish to proceed with the enrolment. At these interviews, it is the role of the Principal to emphasise the importance of the Catholic faith in the school curriculum. As well, the Principal will extend an invitation to parents to become fully involved in the education of their child. This involvement includes support for a variety of activities, including in the classroom and with the Parents and Friends Association.

Parents of children enrolling from other schools will be asked to sign a form allowing us to check the background of their child. Where there is evidence of learning or behavioural difficulties, the child’s case will be examined by a Learning Support Committee to assess the degree to which the child will be able to be catered for at Guardian Angels. This committee comprises the Principal, learning support teacher, and Catholic Education representative

Although the pupils in the school will be predominantly Catholic, there is some provision for pupils of other faiths to attend Guardian Angels. The current enrolment of the school is in excess of 801 pupils from Prep to Year 6.

Prep Enrolments

For a child to be eligible they must turn five by 30 June of the year they commence Prep. Guardian Angels does not repeat children in Prep. Parents know their children and their readiness for Prep better than anyone. If there is any doubt about a child’s readiness for Prep, parents are urged to speak to their child’s preschool teacher/s and with each other to make a considered decision about enrolment.

Intellectual Impairment Enrolment Information

What we offer intellectually impaired children at Guardian Angels

Teacher directed specific instruction, through the MacKillop Centre Inclusion Program, in basic language and maths activities that are both enjoyable, rewarding and beneficial to each child.

The opportunity to be real members of a regular class, with specific time spent with their cohorts in the classroom environment.

Each child has a completely individualised  program ‘tailored’ to suit his/her specific needs.

The School’s Philosophy on educating intellectually impaired children at Guardian Angels

Each child is special and important at GA.  What we endeavour to do is offer the best personalised instruction in both small group and whole class activities.

What the school expects from intellectually impaired children at Guardian Angels

Each child is expected to learn to his or her capacity in a loving and caring environment.  Each child commands the respect and love of all members of our school community.

What the school expects from the parents of intellectually impaired children at Guardian Angels

We expect parents to be supportive and knowledgeable about what we do at GA.  We feel it important that parents positively reinforce the lessons learnt and the experiences gained at Guardian Angels.