Vision and Mission

The Guardian Angels Vision and Mission is a very important document because it describes the hopes and dreams for our school community and expresses who we are, what we do and how we do it…in fact we call our vision and mission THE GA WAY! Following is a description of what each of part of this image represents.
Screen Shot 2020-02-07 at 1.41.27 pm.png 
The fig tree has always been an important symbol for our community and is therefore the central image for our vision and mission. In the top left corner is our vision. The first paragraph says:

Guardian Angels is a vibrant educational community grounded in the person and mission of Jesus and his call to flourish.

This means that at GA, Jesus is our main role model. We look to him as an example of how we should live our lives, taking advantage of the endless opportunities we are offered and growing into the person God wants each of us to be.

In the bottom right corner, you can see soil that supplies nourishment for the fig tree and the deep roots that provide an anchor for the fig tree. These represent our history and shared memories.

Just above are three statements that reflect our mission. The words in the blue section say:

We strive to be a faith community, inspired by story and gospel values…Rich in Spirit.

The spirit of our school is represented by the sturdy trunk that provides support for the fig tree.

Above that again, the words in the red section say:

We strive to be a connected community, fostering a sense of welcome and belonging…Rich in Relationships.

These relationships in our school are represented by the large branches of the fig tree. Their job is to hold the leaves up high so that they can collect sunlight.

In the top right corner, the words in the yellow section say:

We strive to be a learning community, challenging and empowering each person…Rich in Knowing.

The knowing in our school is represented by the small branches and the leaves of the fig tree. They produce and provide the food for the whole tree.

Again in the top left corner, the second paragraph of our vision says:

We are committed to cultivating the gifts and potential of each person, entrusting them to shape and enrich our world…Rich in Fruitful Outcomes.

The fruitful outcomes are represented by the fruit of the fig tree. This fruit contains seeds that will grow and flourish into fig trees of the future – and that means our studentsthey are the fig trees of the future!

This is our story…our history, our future.
Together we walk and grow THE GA WAY.