Diversity Education

​​​We believe diversity education​

*  is a fundamental human right. 

* ensures GA is a supportive and engaging places for all students, teachers, and caregivers. 

* builds our community that value, celebrate and respond to diversity, underpinned by respectful relationships between learners, teachers, and caregivers.

Diversity Education at Guardian Angels involves supporting students in their learning and ensuring each child is developing and progressing in their knowledge, skills and understanding. It involves a process of 
  • ​​modifications in content, teaching methods, approaches, and strategies to identify and reduce barriers to learning. 
  • extension in content, teaching methods, approaches, and strategies in education to meet individual learning needs.

Diversity at GA aims to provide all students with equitable learning experiences and environments that best correspond to their requirements and preferences​.​ This is based on a model where all students learn together wherever possible. We actively promote and facilitate learning opportunities aimed at enhancing each child's learning journey. 

We employ a collaborative partnership model, working with teachers, school staff, school officers, parents and other professionals to ensure an inclusive approach. 

GA has a Diversity Teacher working across two year levels to support targeted and strategic teaching/learning for students who may need extra support or extension. Our diversity team has a Guidance Councellor and Speech Therapist that provides individual/group interventions.