Religious Education


Guardian Angels Catholic Primary School shares and promotes the Vision for Religious Education articulated by Brisbane Catholic Education and the wider church. This vision includes the two dimensions of formation, namely students’ religious literacy and their personal faith.

“The schools and colleges of the Archdiocese of Brisbane aspire to educate and form students who are challenged to live the gospel of Jesus Christ and who are literate in the Catholic and broader Christian tradition so that they might participate critically and authentically in faith contexts and wider society.”

The Vision for Religious Education challenges students to be a religious voice in the world. Through the provision of vibrant and engaging Religious Education, we aspire to develop people who become active constructors of culture rather than passive consumers.

Aligning with this vision, Religious Education at Guardian Angels occurs in two distinct yet complementary dimensions that have been conceptualised in the following Model for Religious Education.

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Religion Curriculum

The Religion Curriculum focusses on the first dimension of above model – teaching people religion. At Guardian Angels, the learning area of religion is taught in accordance with the Religious Education Archdiocese of Brisbane: Religion Curriculum P-12 and seeks to develop the religious literacy of students in light of the Catholic Christian tradition so that they might participate critically and authentically in contemporary culture.

The Religion Curriculum has four strands. Each of these strands comprises three distinct yet interrelated sub-strands:

  • Sacred Texts: Old Testament; New Testament; Christian Spiritual Writings and Wisdom

  • Beliefs: Trinity: God, Jesus the Christ, Spirit; Human Existence; World Religions

  • Church: Liturgy and Sacraments; People of God; Church History

  • Christian Life: Moral Formation; Mission and Justice; Prayer and Spirituality

Click HERE for an overview of Religion Units taught at Guardian Angels.

Religious Life of the School

The Religious Life of the School focuses on the second dimension of the above model – teaching people to be religious in a particular way. The Religious Education Archdiocese of Brisbane: Religious Life of the School P-12 names four interrelated components. Each of these strands comprises three distinct yet interrelated sub-strands:

  • Religious Identity and Culture: Ethos and Charism; Authentic Christian Community; Sense of the Sacred
  • Evangelisation and Faith Formation: Living the Gospel; Spiritual Formation; Witness to the Wider Community
  • Prayer and Worship: Christian Prayer; Celebration of Liturgy and Sacraments; Ritualising Everyday Life
  • Social Action and Justice: Justice in the School Community; Action for Justice; Reflection on Action for Justice

Through engagement with both dimensions of Religious Education, students are challenged to be cultural agents in light of the Gospel; authentic witnesses to the mission of Jesus Christ in the world today.

Our aim as a Catholic Christian community is to educate all to live the gospel of Jesus Christ as successful, creative and confident, active and informed learners empowered to shape and enrich our world. The Religious Education Program at Guardian Angels outlines the values, principles and processes involved in planning for quality learning opportunities that promote this aim.

At Guardian Angels we also acknowledge that parents are the prime educators of their children and we recognise that the development of the two dimensions of Religious Education will not be limited to the primary school context but rather developed over a whole lifetime. Given this we aim to work with parents to nurture the faith of their children while teaching them to be religious in a particular way; having a deep knowledge of the Catholic Christian faith which forms their actions and attitudes in an ever-changing world.

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