GA Learner and Learning Powers

​​​​​A Guardian Angels Learner;
* is able to talk specifically about their learning.
* has a growth mindset and uses feedback to improve and progress.
* is an engaged, challenged, curious and active participant in their learning. 
* shares how they use the GA Learning Powers and Qualities of Angels to support their learning and play.
These qualities promote our students to be assessment capable learners.  


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Meet the GA Learning Powers!  When we get stuck with our learning, we call on our Learning Powers of resilience, persistence, independence, collaboration and creativity to help us solve of problem.  If you’d like to know more about how GA Learning Powers work, watch the movies below.  If you’d like to hear the songs that help us remember to use our Learning Powers, scroll to the bottom of the page.

 Meet the GA Learning Powers!








Learning Power Tool Shed.jpg

How Are You Growing?  The Learning Powers Tool Shed

Below is the GA Learning Powers Tool Shed where we promote a language to describe student learning growth.  When asked how their learning is going (or growing)  students can use the the words PLANTING, NOURISHING, GROWING  and FLOURISHING to describe where they are in the learning journey.  In order to move to the next stage, we encourage students to utilise the learning power - persistence, creativity, independence, collaboration or resilience, to get to the next stage.  We hope you enjoy the clip and use the language to help us to be better learners.

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