Uniform Policy

The children attending Guardian Angels are required to wear the school uniform, the details of which are set out below. All items on the list, with the exception of footwear, are available for purchase through the school’s Uniform Shop.

Boys' Day Uniform               

Short sleeve, light blue checked shirt with navy trim and school logo. Navy knee length shorts and navy quarter socks with light blue and maroon trim.

Girls' Day Uniform

Short sleeve, light blue checked blouse with navy trim and school logo. Navy skort (culottes) and navy turnover socks with light blue trim. Navy tights may be worn on cold days. (Skirt is permitted to be worn in Years 3-6)

Sport Uniform             

Navy and house coloured sport shirt, navy shorts with school logo and navy/white “Guardian Angels” embroidered sport socks.

School Shoes              

Black leather lace up shoes. Velcro is required for Prep. No boots, buckles or black sandshoes are acceptable.

Sport Shoes                 

White sandshoes. Velcro is required for prep. A small amount of colour is acceptable


Navy bucket style with school logo.

School Rashie             

Long sleeved navy and maroon chlorine resistant.

School Swimmers      

Navy and maroon with school logo - optional except for interschool representation.

Swimming Cap           

House colour - compulsory.

School Bag                  

Navy backpack with school logo - available in small or large.

Navy trolley bag with school logo.​

Library Bag                 

Navy satchel style with school logo.

Swimming Bag           

Navy PVC bag with school logo.

Hair Ties                     

A selection of navy and white hair ties are available in the uniform shop.


School navy V neck with logo (being phased out).


School navy button up with logo (Girls only - being phased out).

Jacket (new logo)

School jacket can be worn with both day and sport uniforms.


Navy, maroon and white jacket with school logo and plain navy tracksuit pant.

Tracksuit may be worn as a combination or as separate pieces. Tracksuit jacket is to be worn with the sports uniform only. Tracksuit pants are permitted to be worn with both uniforms in winter.

Wearing of Jewellery

Watches and earrings are the only forms of jewellery to be worn. All students (female and male) who choose to wear earrings are required to wear one only at the base of the ear lobe. For health and safety reasons, gold or silver studs or small sleepers only are to be worn. Other external piercings present safety risks and are considered inappropriate for school-aged children. It is understood that some jewellery the children would like to wear may have significant sentimental or fashion value but in the interests of justice and security, there will be no exceptions. The main reason for having a limitation on jewellery is the safety factor. Please offer us your support in this matter.

Make up

Unless a class teacher has given approval for the purposes of a play, dramatic presentation or similar event, no makeup (including nail polish) is to be worn to school.


In all cases, safety takes priority over fashion. Certain hairstyles will not be allowed if, by their very nature, the school hat subsequently cannot be worn (e.g. gelled, spiked hair). Hairstyles and other alternative fashion statements will vary from time to time. Some hairstyles will be discouraged if they pose a safety risk to the child, or pose a health risk to others, or prevent a student from fully engaging in the school curriculum (e.g. “I can’t attend my swimming lesson today because Mum spent an hour spiking my hair before school!). It is best to check with the class teacher or the principal or leadership team before adopting alternative hairstyles. Loud, obvious and dramatic dyed hair colours are most inappropriate for young school-aged children.  Hairstyles that draw undue attention to a child are to be avoided. In the interests of hygiene and safety, shoulder length hair (or thereabouts) worn by either gender needs to be tied back away from the face. Hair bands need to be navy or white or school fabric. Parents/carers of children with hairstyles that are deemed unacceptable will be contacted.


In the interests of sun safety, hats must be worn whenever a student is outdoors, including sheltered and shaded areas. This rule applies before, during and after school. As it is part of the school uniform, the school hat must be worn to and from school. If a child presents to school without a hat, then at break times they are required to take themselves to the Library.

Uniform Shop

The school runs a Uniform Shop where all items of uniform may be purchased. Trading hours are listed under the 'Uniform Shop Information' tab. The Uniform Shop opens the week before school commences each year. Profits made by the Uniform Shop go towards the purchase of resources for the school. The Uniform Shop operates an online purchasing facility and all uniforms are sent home with students. This is the quickest and easiest way to purchase uniform items. Please note this is not part of Flexischools. We have our own online store with the link being found on the school website under Uniform Shop.