Annual School Reporting 2007

School Annual Reporting – 2007 School Year

The following information is provided to satisfy Queensland Government requirements regarding information that schools must now have readily available to the public.

Following is a checklist of the information, all of which relates to the school’s operations and outcomes in 2007

Required information:

The school is Catholic. Our school has a newly developed Mission Statement

The school’s address:

Edmund Rice Drive, Ashmore 4214

Total enrolments:


Year levels offered:

Prep – Year 7

The school is co-educational.

Distinctive curriculum offerings. Regular subjects do not need to be listed:

Instrumental Music

Swimming Instruction

Our school has a general policy of inclusion for all pupils

Our school has a Special Education Unit

Extra-curricula activities. Descriptions of the activities should be provided, particularly those that involve a significant number of students:

Tennis Instruction


Speech and Drama


Audio-Visual Room

Staff development priorities for the year:

Refer to the School’s Goals 2007

The social climate of the school, including pastoral care programs:

Our school’s Life and Living Statement emphasises that we are a welcoming family school: a great place to grow!

The school has a warm, caring atmosphere that is welcoming to all members of the school community.

The school has a Patron Parents program that has, as part of its charter, the welcoming of new families to our school community.

Strategies used for involving parents in their child’s education:

Parent Meetings

Parent In-services – Teaching Reading

Boys Education

Reading, Writing and Numeracy results for Years 3, 5 and 7:

Year 3 School Average State Average
Aspects of Numeracy 551 521
Number 552 515
Measurement and Data 556 522
Reading and Viewing 548 527
Writing 536 523
Spelling 547 528
Space 541 522

Percentage of students over the benchmark for:

Reading and Viewing 93 %

Writing 92 %

Numeracy 91 %

Year 5 School Average State Average
Aspects of Numeracy 601 588
Number 606 579
Measurement & Data 607 592
Reading & Viewing 621 606
Writing 613 600
Spelling 623 603
Space 590 596

Percentage of students over the benchmark for:

Reading and Viewing 87 %

Writing 97 %

Numeracy 89 %

Year 7 School Average State Average
Aspects of Numeracy 665 648
Number 659 648
Measurement & Data 682 651
Reading and Viewing 697 672
Writing 685 681
Spelling 706 676
Space 668 648

Percentage of students over the benchmark for:

Reading and Viewing 97 %

Writing 98 %

Numeracy 89 %

Professional Engagement

Qualifications of all teachers

Expenditure on and teacher participation in professional learning – $40429

Average staff attendance for the school based on unplanned absences of sick and emergent leave for periods of up to 5 days 97.30%

Proportion of teaching staff retained from the previous school year 83%

Average student attendance rate 95% ​