Vision and Mission

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We are committed to cultivating the gifts and potential of each person, entrusting them to shape and enrich our world. Foundational to our mission are our Qualities of Angels through which we live a richness in spirit, relationship and knowing.


We strive to be a faith community, inspired by story and gospel values…Rich in Spirit.

The Guardian Angels Vision and Mission describes the hopes and dreams for our school community and expresses who we are, what we do and how we do it; in fact we call our vision and mission THE GA WAY! We acknowledge the person of Jesus Christ as our main role model but we are also influenced by our Mercy heritage.


We strive to be a connected community, fostering a sense of welcome and belonging…Rich in Relationships.

We work in partnerships with parents, carers, families and local and global communities encouraging productive and collaborative relationships. Our shared memories draw inspiration from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, knowledge and histories, particularly the Kombumerri people the Traditional Custodians of the land on which GA is built.


We strive to be a learning community, challenging and empowering each person…Rich in Knowing.

At GA we promote a student-centred, holistic and inclusive approach to learning, recognising that each student has different strengths, needs and backgrounds and celebrating this diversity. We value the importance of personalised and differentiated learning, with a focus on student progress and growth regardless of the starting point. Research-based approaches allow for high impact learning.


We have high expectations for our learners and these are fostered through challenging experiences that make connections to the real world; provoking curiosity, innovative thinking and a love of learning.  Guardian Angels develops assessment capable learners who understand what they are supposed to learn, monitor their own progress, set goals, and reflect on their learning.  


Our motto “Strive for Success” promotes a growth mindset so that individuals can reach their potential through lifelong learning. The GA Learning Powers foster dispositions to support learning and wellbeing as they build individuals' capacity to be resilient, independent, persistent, collaborative and creative.

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