Qualities of Angels

The traditions that have made Guardian Angels what it is today stem from the dedication and love of the Sisters of Mercy who came to Southport many years ago so that the families in the area could give their children a Catholic education. They were the first teachers in our school and one of the special gifts these Sisters brought with them to Guardian Angels was a spirit of compassion and deep caring for others. Our Mercy Tradition provides a solid foundation for Guardian Angels whereby members of the school community are called to stand on the shoulders of giants such as Catherine McAuley, founder of the Sisters of Mercy; to follow her example by recognising the privileged lives we lead and taking up the challenge to make a difference in the lives of others less fortunate than ourselves. GA Day is celebrated each year with a whole school liturgy that recognises and celebrates our Mercy Tradition.

An integral part of the learning at Guardian Angels revolves around the Qualities of Angels, which were developed through a process of examining the Mercy values to facilitate concrete expressions of the school's Mercy Tradition and how this can be lived by the school community. The six qualities, encompassed by the three focus areas of Spirit, Relationships and Knowing, are constant reminders of how everyone in the school community can live the mission of Jesus. We strive to foster these qualities by emphasising them in our everyday interactions with others, by reinforcing them in focussed teaching and learning activities and by highlighting them in prayer and ritual.

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