School Crest, Logo & Motto

The Guardian Angels school crest consists of  four major symbols:

  • The lamb represents Jesus who poured out His life for us and set us free.
  • The Cross behind the lamb is a symbol of Christ’s love for us.
  • The angels are symbolic of God’s love and protection for us.
  • The word Misericordia expresses our Mercy heritage.


Over the years the school has also adopted a logo that, whilst more casual and perhaps more in keeping with life on the beautiful Gold Coast, still represents all that is good about our school. The elements of this image portray the words from our school song:




Mountain ranges strong behind us,

Golden sun and shining sand.

Guardian Spirit deep within us,

Lead us with your guiding hand

To always give our very best:

Guardian Angels – Striving for Success.


Our School Motto is Strive for Success and Guardian Angels is a school where students are given a myriad of opportunities to try different things and to find success in diverse fields and in a variety of ways. Our school values the task of catering for each individual in terms of personal, academic, social and spiritual growth. The provision of quality educational programs, including a full academic curriculum along with specialist music, physical education, performing arts, visual arts, Japanese and design technology lessons, as well as opportunities to participate in competitive team sports, swimming, instrument lessons, choir and the like, enables us to support and nurture each student’s development.

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