School Sport Houses

​The Kombumerri people have lived on the Gold Coast for thousands of years. The house names have been chosen using local Aboriginal names because they draw on the colours used at GA for our teams and speak to us of the natural beauty which surrounds us here at our school.

Jingella – Green bank – green mossy grass – green.  Jingella means the green land. The Nerang River flows through our Gold Coast region and fills our canals and waterways. The green banks of the river are a source of many beautiful park lands which we enjoy and make our lifestyle so desirable

Allunga – The sun – gold.  Allunga means gold and the sun and reminds us of where the Gold Coasts name had its origins. The sun is a source of warmth and light so necessary for our lifestyle and the many beautiful plants and animals that surround us.

Kimba – Bush fire – burnt earth – red.  Kimba means red fire and reminds us of the Aboriginal people and how they used fire to help rejuvenate the land. It also reminds us of the many storms that sweep across the hinterland and the awesome power of lightning and fire.

Wambiri – Sea coast – falling water – blue.  Wambiri means the blue sea and reminds us that the oceans and rivers are a source of food, recreation and enjoyment not only for the Aboriginal people but for us and the many visitors to the coast.

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